Europe Open School
“Europe Open School” – the project for school cooperation in Europe is an initiative which GEF propose every year inside GEF.

The idea of inserting this kind of activity in the agenda is  grounded on the willingness to stimulate and uncover the students’ emerging  artistic and creative abilities in order to have them shared and developed  in view of  a future European project, given that  different forms of creativity provide a substantial cultural element of aggregation.

The participants have the chance to meet possible partners who either on the basis of common or of diverging  features (type of school, artistic interest ect.) want to develop common projects on the topic “Creativity and Europe”

The programme  will start with the presentation of  the works in order to promote mutual knowledge and the sharing of “European” experiences.  The following and more pragmatic part will see to the establishing of contacts, exchanging of ideas and the preparation of  projects guidelines for European activities.

The programme collaborate also with students studying in Europe from outside Europe.