GEF 2024


Q. Why is GEF considered to be the most important event amongst education initiatives?
A. GEF is the only Festival including competitions for schools, both nationally (Italy) and internationally and allowing for concurrent events during competitions finals such as exhibitions and performances from each of the Arts included in its programme.
The finals of the competitions are held in Sanremo Italy, all juries are composed by experts, different for each event, and transparent selections have elected GEF to be one of the most attractive event for creativity in schools.

Q. Who can take part in GEF?
A. In general all pupils and students aged 5 -19 attending different types of schools, educational centres, students frequenting Music-Schools, Dance-Schools and Movie-Schools can also participate with their school in respective competition. Youth clubs/associations can participate in some competitions. The students can take part only when the School authorities fill in respective registration form, which you can find on our website,
Please contact GEF’s office should you have any queries whatsoever:

Q. How many schools do you contact every year on account of GEF?
A. Last year about 300.000 schools.
By middle October of the previous year conditions of entry and entry forms are sent out to all Italian schools and to the most important selected state and legally registered private schools in other Countries, and schools of music, dance, cinema and Sport Associations. This highlights how GEF doesn’t just come to life in Sanremo during the competition finals: Preparations start in the previous year and produce positive outcomes both at the level of promotion and in the prior involvement of participating class groups.

Q. How many students were involved in GEF in 2023?
A. For the finals always more than two thousand participants, and over 20,000 visitors and audiences who visited the exhibition areas and the performances by schools from Italy and schools from 21 other Countries.

Q. How many students from my school can enter GEF?
A. There are no limitations on numbers during the preliminary stages. GEF was created to enable students from different cities, towns and nations to meet and compare through the arts and creativity in Schools. That’s why different institutes and schools, based on the different interests of their students and teachers may enter several competitions within GEF and join different groups, thus expanding their chances of taking a larger group from each school to Sanremo for the competition finals.
It is important to mention that each work submitted undergoes stringent selection procedures and only a portion of them is admitted to the competition finals.
Some schools introduce several days at GEF into their school calendar, as an official school excursion.
Please keep in mind that 30 minutes away from Sanremo lies Monte-Carlo, and the French Riviera. Schools arriving by bus can visit our magnificent Riviera and Liguria region.

Q. Can you help us find accommodation?
A. GEF relies on the technical organization of Kismet Srl, a Tour operator, specializing in education since 1977, that organizes high quality cultural and educational events such as GEF. They are specialized in this area and are able to provide visitors with accurate information, and organize accommodation, excursions and cultural visits where required.
Those wishing to take part in the competition finals must book through GEF, in order to gain accreditation. This will enable us to provide a superior level of assistance and free opportunities to schools. Prices are available on our website. Considering the thousands of bookings processed during the previous edition of GEF, early bookings are highly recommended. GEF can also eventually organize for the foreign schools, after the finals in Sanremo, a tour in the must important Italian cities.

Q.  How many visitors have you registered on your website?
A. Hundreds of thousands.

Q.  Can we have an exhibition stand?
A. We have reserved some exhibition areas for schools, Gef’s Exhibition Area – “ My School in Expo”. The schools, selected among all applicants, will be able to exhibit one or more projects. The participating schools may add their own props (easels, posters, whiteboards, etc. Excluding music) to the exhibition , as long as no direct or indirect publicity is included. Interactive projects (involving visitors) will be appreciated. The number of spaces is limited. Applications will be accepted only while spaces are available.

Q.  What type of information material do you distribute?
A. We will send information about GEF and its different competitions, to all Italian schools by middle October. At the same time we also send the information to schools in other countries.
For GEF’s competition finals, beside the tens of thousands of flyers, leaflets, etc., we produce an official colour programme, including the names of all the finalist schools, photos and CVs of the judging panels for each competition.

Q.  During past years, gatherings with famous people were organized: will this occur next time?
A. Definitely. One of the aims of GEF is enabling people to meet famous personalities, usually unapproachable, in an informal setting, and to have the opportunity of learning about their experiences, their profession and their personal growth.
Quite apart from being moments, which will endure in the memories of the students and their teachers, their educational value is undeniable.

Q.  How is GEF publicized?
A. GEF will be publicized through the print media both in the next few months and during the competition finals.
In the major newspapers and magazines in Italy and abroad, besides the principal national and foreign journalistic newspapers, TV and radio.

Q.  Do you have many sponsors?
A. GEF do not have any sponsor.

Q.  What schools take part in GEF?
A. This is the break up from last three years:

  • Primary Schools 15%
  • Lower Secondary Schools 35%
  • Upper Secondary Schools 35%
  • Other Schools 15%

Please keep in mind the extremely high number of participants in the competition finals. You will be able to meet lots of students of the same age, chaperoned by their teachers and Principals/Headmasters.

Q.  Are there only Italian schools?
A. GEF is an international event, schools from all over Italy and from all over the world are participating.