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Competition for Children who are hospital patients

“A letter to my favourite character”

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Conditions of entry


The competition “A letter to my favourite character” is part of the project “Children in Hospital”, to be continued on an annual basis within GEF – the World Festival of Creativity in Schools.


Only children aged between 6 and 12 can enter this competition. They may be of any nationality, and must be hospital patients and be assisted by a teacher, teaching in that hospital, hence called “referring teacher”.


 Each participating child must send in two A4 size pages hence called “piece of work” with:

  1. An open letter to his/her favourite character – maximum length, 20 lines, on the first page. This may be handwritten.
  2. A drawing relating to the message/s in the letter, on the second page.

Any topic of the letter may be chosen.

To enter the competition both page a) and b) must be sent in the same envelope, and must be accompanied by the completed registration form.


Registration to the competition is free of charge.


Each “piece of work: letter+ drawing (Art.3 a + b)” must be accompanied by an attached registration form showing captions with:

  • Full name, year and place of birth, address, and what class the participant belongs to.
  • Full name and subject taught by the referring teacher who must sign it.
  • Full name of Principal/Headmaster who must sign it. Name and stamp of the relevant school.
  • Full name of the director of the hospital ward where the child is a patient and complete address of the hospital. The director of the ward must also sign.

A child may enter with just one piece of work: a + b


Each piece of work must be posted to:

KISMET SRL – GEF – Children in Hospital – Via Roma  166 – 18038 Sanremo – Italy.


Each “piece of work: letter+ drawing (Art.3 a + b)” must be posted (and include documentation as in art. 5) by February 15, 2024. The postmark will be used as proof of date. Any documentation and registration form, sent after the due date, will be considered not in keeping with the “conditions of entry” and will not be eligible to receive prizes. All finalists and winners will be notified by March 10, 2024.


The selection and the final results will be decided by a Jury presided by Prof. Sergio Bernasconi – past Director of Pediatrics, University of Parma Hospital, and members from schools and science institutes.

The panel’s decisions are final.


The panel will select the finalists out of all the pieces of work received (a+b) and these will be exhibited during the final stages of GEF.

The panel will select the winner and the two runner-up works out of all the finalists and they will receive:

  • The “Trophy by GEF”
  • The “Diploma GEF”

On each Diploma the name of the winner, the name of the teacher, the name of the school and the name of the Hospital where the child is hospitalized.

 All other contestants in the finals will obtain equal placement and receive the Certificate of Attendance to GEF.

Finalist children will also receive GEF’s gadgets.


The Organizing Company will offer, to the winning child, accommodation for a maximum of three people (child, parents and nursing aide) in Sanremo (Hotel accommodation half board – breakfast and dinner will be included) on Saturday 20th April 2024 (one night).

The award ceremony will take place on the final evening of GEF 2024, Saturday 20 April 2024.


GEF reserves the right to record and/or film and/or broadcast the event in its entirety or in part, using any medium (print, photography, radio, television, audio-visual etc.) and to accompany the event with one or more promotion or publicity, without owing any payments to anyone or to any participants.

GEF ask to receive the privacy forms filled in and signed. (see art.13)

Art. 13

Every school and association have to send Consent forms according to UE regulations n.679/2016 (GDPR) General Data Protection Regulation.that we will send later.


Any changes to the competition finals in Sanremo, which might occur due to technical or administrative reasons, will be notified forthwith.


All works received will remain the property of GEF and can be published or used in other shows without owing any payments to anyone or to any participants.

Art 16

GEF’s Organizing Committee, the promoting association and the company providing technical support will not accept any liability for personal or material injuries or accidents occurring while travelling or during the Festival.

Art. 17

All printed matter and trademarks are protected by Copyright therefore their use and/or reproduction of any type and by any means is strictly forbidden.  Any unauthorized person making use of the aforementioned will be prosecuted.


Anyone taking part in the event is expected to have read and understood the conditions set by these regulations and to accept them unconditionally. Participation to the event also implies that each participant explicitly agrees to allow GEF to access its archives and process all personal data provided, according to UE regulations n.679/2016 (GDPR) General Data Protection Regulation.