International School Festival of Music

International School Festival of Music

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Conditions of entry

Art. 1

The “International Festival of Scholastic Music” is organised in the framework of the 24th edition of the GEF – and  Finals will be held in Sanremo. 

Selected pieces will have to be performed live by the finalist schools during the Final Phase in Sanremo on the stage of the established venue.

Registration Fees 

Each entity participant  (school, association, etc.) for a SINGLE category listed below (BAND or CHORUS/CHOIRS):

  • € 270 registration fee 
  • € 390 single registration fee for both categories (BAND and


Art. 2

The Festival is open to state and officially recognized private both Italian and foreign schools. A special section is for  private music schools and choral and choir associations.

The are are two main Categories in the Festival:

– Bands (Bands, Orchestras, Musical Groups)

– Choruses and Choirs

Each category has  4 sections :

A – Primary schools

B – Junior Secondary schools

C – Secondary schools

D – Special section for “Music and singing schools of all levels” and Choral/Choir 


School children ages: from 5 to 19 years.

Art. 3

Each registered school may enter a maximum of 2 pieces of music performed by its students in the BAND category and 2 pieces of music in the CHORUS/CHOIR category, only if each piece is performed by different students. Each individual student may only participate in one performance. Compositions, songs or covers belonging to any musical genre and performed by groups or ensembles of any type and formation, including youth and school choirs/choruses and bands, will be accepted. 

The GEF Selection Committee may admit one or two songs to the Sanremo Final with its unquestionable and decisive decisions.

Each piece must be performed by a minimum of 8 (eight) students (musicians and/or singers) for the BAND category and by a minimum of 20 (twenty) student singers for the CHORUS/CHOIR category. 

Students participating in the Music Final may not also take part in the Dance and/or Musical Festivals, in which the school may of course take part but with other students.

Art. 4

The individual pieces – lasting minimum of 2′ (two) minutes and a maximum duration of 3’30” (three minutes and thirty seconds) – must be handed in  on a USB flash drive and be accompanied by the registration form completed in all its parts and a copy of the payment of the registration fee.

The following data must also be included on a label attached to the USB flash drive with the engraving of the piece of music: name of the school, name, surname and class of the performers, title of the piece, genre (see art. 3), author, duration.

It must also be specified whether it is an original composition, reworked, unpublished or other.

All participants must be students of the school entered in the competition.

Art. 5

The entry form must reach the following address by 28 February 2023: KISMET SRL – GEF – “International Festival of School Music” – Via Roma, 166 – 18038 Sanremo (Italy) (postmark).

Under penalty of exclusion from the selection it must be accompanied by:

  • What listed in article 4
  • Proof  of payment:

€ 270 registration fee for each participating entity (Schools, Associations, Foundations, etc.) for registration to a single category, BAND or CHORUS/CHOIR

€ 390 registration fee for BOTH categories (BAND and CHOIR/CHORUS)

Payments of the registration fees must be made to the following account


Beneficiary: KISMET s.r.l. 

Purpose of Payment: DEPOSIT (please specify the name of the school)

IBAN: IT 59 G 02008 49090 000010138260


No credit cards accepted 

Art. 6

All material delivered will remain the property of GEF according to the uses permitted by law and will not be returned.

Art. 7

Schools selected for the Festival finals will be informed 12 March 2023 with the indication of the selected piece(s) and the related draft of the performance calendar.

Schools selected for the finals must confirm receipt of confirmation in writing, by e-mail or by registered letter, by March the 17th, 2023, and will return forms a,b,c,d,e, duly filled in:


(a) the SIAE (Copyright) form; 

  1. b) the SIAE disclaimer for works requiring it (disclaimer statement for texts not subject to SIAE); 
  2. c) the technical form;
  3. d) the completed hotel reservation form (payment by March 24th, 2023).
  4. e) a complete list with the first name and surname of all  official participants, teacher, headmaster, family members, accompanying persons, etc.

Art. 8

The pieces submitted for selection will be evaluated by a Committee of experts who will select those admitted to the finals.

Art. 9

Songs selected for the finals must be presented live in Sanremo, on the stage of the Ariston Theatre, by the participants unless excluded fron  the final classification, in which case no refund is possible and will be judged on site by a Jury selected among experts in the field. 

In addition to the usual technical and artistic parameters (intonation, dynamics, performance technique, expressiveness, etc.), evaluation criteria will  also focus on potentialities that may characterise the proposed pieces and their performance. The content of the proposal will also be assessed from an educational and training point of view.

Decisions both by the Selection Committee and of the Jury, are unquestionable and decisive.

Each institute selected to the final stages must provide everything necessary for the performance of the pieces (texts, instruments or other). The Organisation will provide a professional sound/lighting system (according to a technical sheet participants will receive at a later stage).

Art. 10

The main objective of the festival is to offer all participants the opportunity to experience other situations and creative experiences. Performances and the award ceremonies will therefore be opportunities for exchange and mutual listening. 

A price has been arranged for accommodation (minimum 2 overnight stays for the Theatre and Musical competitions, 3 for Theatre and Music Festival Participants) for the finalists, accompanying persons and all those who will have to stay to take part in the final stage of GEF 2023.  Types and conditions of which can be found on the website For organisational and control reasons, such bookings must be made through GEF (only schools in the province of Imperia are excluded).

Each School participating in the finals stage will be sent the form by the Organisation in charge of bookings with the relevant instructions.

Considering the thousands of participants in the final stages of the various competitions, from Italy and abroad, it is advisable to book as early as possible to be able to arrange the type of accommodation more easily.

Official participants in the Sanremo final stages of all competitions will receive GEF gadgets.

All finalist schools will be included in the official bilingual (Italian/English) GEF catalogue.

Art. 11

The final performance (Finals) will be held at the Ariston Theatre in Sanremo, on Saturday 6th May 2023, where prizes will be awarded to the absolute winners in the music, singing, dance and fashion competitions. Prizes will also be awarded to the winners of other competitions and the GEF 2023 Awards (entertainment, music, sport, health) will be presented, including the prestigious “Global Education Award“, the only international education award presented each year to personalities and associations that, with thoughts, words and deeds, have favoured the development and growth of education.

Art. 12

“L’amicizia che canta” (Singing Friendship)

With a view to sharing creating relationships and fostering friendship among participants, all SINGERS of all sections and categories (both bands and choirs/choruses) undertake to learn an unpublished song, written for the occasion, of simple vocal line and quick learning.

The song will be performed all together at a special moment of the Festival called “Singing Friendship “, forming one big chorus. As you can imagine, the aim is to amaze and create something wonderful and unforgettable.

It is therefore essential that each singer learns  his or her part by heart, as it will not be permitted to use sheets or sheet music during the performance.

The Organization will send all necessary material to all finalist schools.

Art. 13


During the days of the festival, training sessions will be organised, as Internships or Masterclasses, held by renowned professionals in the sector. The topics will be consistent with  the Festival’s objectives (music writing for children, choral music production, musical propaedeutics, band management, technical aspects of choral performances) and will be profiled and defined on the basis of the types of finalist (schools) in order to be most effective. Training, participation fee and the registration forms will be sent subsequently to all the finalist schools that will have the option to decide on their participation.

Art. 14

The Festival awards the “GEF Trophy” to the winner of each section (A/B/C/D) and the prestigious “School Creativity Award” to the overall first place winner, among the winners of the various sections, after the final competition that will take place live in Sanremo.

The Jury may  award other special prizes (best arrangement, best interpretation, etc.), also for non-strictly musical reasons (niceness, professionalism, hospitality, look, etc.).

All prizes will be awarded to the school, which will also receive the GEF certificate of participation in the finals. Prizes will be exclusively delivered on the stage of the Ariston Theatre to the schools present and cannot be handed over at a later date or sended by mail.


GEF will request to sign a disclaimer for the right to record and/or film and/or broadcast the event – in its entirety or in part – by any means (press, photography, radio, television, audiovisual, internet, etc.) as well as to combine the event with one or more initiatives of a promotional/advertising nature, without anything being due and none of the participants having any claim.

Art. 16

Each School must send the completed and signed forms for each participant:

            – Information for the processing of personal data in accordance with EU Regulation

              No. 679/2016 (GDPR)

            – Consent form (release for the circulation of images) to be able to broadcast

              footage of the performances.

Art. 17

For technical/organisational reasons, the finals at Sanremo may be subject to variations, which will be promptly communicated to the interested parties.

Art. 18

All the works submitted will remain property of GEF, which reserves the right to publish them or present them in other shows without any liability whatsoever and none of the participants may have any claim whatsoever.


All printed materials and trademarks are protected by Copyright, therefore their use and reproduction by any means is forbidden. Any use not expressly authorised will be prosecuted according to law.

Art. 20

The Organising Committee, the Promoting Association and the Company in charge of the technical organisation are not responsible for occasional accidents to persons or property either during the journey or throughout the duration of the Festival.

Art. 21

Participation in the event implies knowledge and unconditional acceptance of the rules for the processing of personal data pursuant to EU Regulation No. 679/2016 (GDPR).